A newly opened restaurant in Downtown Toronto called “Signs” has a waitstaff unlike any other. Although these talented individuals can’t hear you request the check or a side of chipotle mayo due to hearing disabilities, one thing is for sure- their eyes are wide open looking for all the right signals!

After tuning into the video below that was originally posted by The San Francisco Globe, my eyes teared and my heart filled with joy. This restaurants concept is a creative and delightful way to bring people who share the same disability together as one. A beautiful thing about this place is that by using American Sign Language, it encourages the customer to learn, experience something new, and interact with one another on a deeper level.

 The San Francisco Globe mentions,

“It might seem bizarre for a restaurant to have a deaf wait staff, but this results in something wonderful.” 

 … and I agree. It has resulted into something wonderful.  My hat is off to the owner of this restaurant. There should be more business owners like you! You’ve created an opportunity that a specific audience thought would never come. You’ve given this group of people, among others, HOPE. Most importantly, you believed in them from the very beginning.

“No matter the disability- we are all connected. It’s about working WITH each other instead of AGAINST each other.” – Me

With Love,

That Bitch!