Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy is still new to me. I was diagnosed almost five years ago, and there have been many adjustments I’ve had to make in my life to keep it under control. Many people are under the impression that flashing lights are the cause of most epileptic seizures, and they’re usually surprised to find out that that’s not what triggers mine. Lack of sleep, dehydration, hormones, and use of alcohol, are a combination of things that trigger my seizures. I was in denial at first, missing a pill here and there, not truly understanding the severity of the diagnosis. I’d go out with friends and have cocktails, only to get a hot flash the next day, or wonder why I’m feeling “off”. I was doing it to myself, and wasn’t grasping that epilepsy is a serious medical issue.

I now finally have it under control. I take my medicine daily, drink lots of fluids, I make sure I put something in my stomach in the morning instead of running out the door to work empty handed like I used to. I am more tuned into of how my body and mind are feeling, and I’m grateful for family and friends that have helped me along the way.

I hope to raise money and participate in a walk for epilepsy the next time one is planned for my area, but in the meantime, visit Epilepsy Foundation of Florida to donate. Anything helps!