I’m all about the Jetsons, and futuristic revelations, but something I saw on the news today skeeved me out big time! Rice-sized pellets being inserted into the hands of employees at a Wisconsin-based technology firm. These optional micro-chips will allow users entry into the office building and common room areas, computer access, and the ability to purchase items at the snack kiosk.  Many things come to mind when I think about this technology that we really know nothing about, like infection from insertion and removal, along with GPS tracking and DATA storage capability.  They don’t state how the chip is inserted, but they say removing it is much like pinching out a splinter.

Although the CEO countered concerns over privacy issues and safety. He said all data is encrypted and secure. “There’s no GPS tracking at all.”. He also said that many of his employees jumped at the opportunity. I’m still skeptical about it though. How could you be certain that your privacy is protected, especially from hackers? It makes me wonder if this is the route that hospitals and schools will take when it comes to patient and/or student records in the future.

Call me old fashioned, or boring for that matter, but I’ll stick with keys, codes, cash and credit!

What are your thoughts on Microchipping company employees, and the human race in general? Check out the video below!

With Love,

That Bitch!