What do you think of when you hear the word, “Farmers Market”? You probably picture stands with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other items. Well… imagine THAT and a whole lot more! If you live in South Florida, then you’re one of the lucky ones that can experience The Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, FL, Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sure, I dig the produce and plants, but that’s not what has me coming back again and again. Whether you’re on the hunt for teas and spices, browsing for cooking oils, raw nuts or seeds, need a new pair of sunglasses, or just looking to have a nice meal, this is the spot for you! I’m going to share with you some GREAT booths and finds at YGFM, and fill you in on some helpful tips!

Let’s support small businesses that are looking to thrive. These vendors have a true passion for what they do, adding to one of the reasons why I’d rather spend my money at YGFM, over a large corporation. I hope that these mom-and-pop shops continue to grow, and with our support, be everything they ever hoped to become!

Here we go… If you’re not hungry now, you will be afterward!


Booth #91 has become one of my favorite booths, and I’ll forever be a fan! It’s called “The Bang Shack” and it’s run by Jason Hadley! If you have a thing for Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Spinach Dip, this will be a winner for you. The Bang Shack was established in 2002, on the west coast of FL in Tampa Bay. Good Ol’ Jay won’t tell us his secret, but he did fill this bitch in on some of the ingredients used to make his special dip that’s also offered vegetarian style, with tofu! See… he’s got LOVE for vegetarians too! The original dip is made with Chicken, Cheese, Spinach, Hot Sauce, Black Olives….. and that’s as far as we got! You can purchase it in three sizes, SMALL $6, MEDIUM $10, LARGE $15. As a first time buyer, I got the medium, and grew upset that I didn’t buy the larger size after inhaling it quickly!

You can put bang dip on a number of things, but I had some of mine on half of a sweet potato, and it made a darn good lunch! I’ve even put it on scrambled eggs and crispy shredded hash browns in the morning, I’m not ashamed of it either. I dream about this bang dip! It’s great for any gathering like tailgates, office parties, birthday get togethers, and more! I’m sure if you give Jason a call, he can prepare a special order just for you!  TIP: He sells water for $0.50 at his booth so make sure you grab a cold one if you’re parched, especially in the summer months!

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Booth #160 is a nirvana of tea and spices. Whether you’re looking for fresh matcha tea, chocolate coconut, pumpkin spice, or vanilla chai, they’ve got loose tea leaves for whatever your palate desires! You can even mix and match to create your own blend! My favorite has been the Pumpkin Spice tea, which is seasonal. MOVE OVER STARBUCKS, this pumpkin spice reigns supreme! A touch of cream and sugar and you’re set. If you’re not so much into tea’s, they have other great spice rack items like curry leaves, hibiscus, turmeric root, and organic lavender.

They even have a section of face and body scrubs, with unique aroma combinations like rose grapefruit, spearmint eucalyptus, and bergamot.

The tea’s are sold $4.00 per ounce, but if you purchase three ounces, you get a fourth at no cost! Most of the loose tea leaves are presented in small bowls, allowing customers to get a good sense of smell which directs them to a tea, or two, or three, that wins their hearts over!

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Okay, I know I may not have intended to make any part of this article about the good ol’ fruit stands, but  this place has some of the BIGGEST fruits and veggies my eyes ever did see. Portobello Mushrooms the size of your face! Carrots in which you have to question, “Will these even fit in my juicer at home?”. Let’s not forget the eggplant that’s big enough to feed an Italian family multiple servings of eggplant parmesan…for days. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the photos below are proof that this produce is 100% legit, and for the most part, organic!

Let’s do the math here.. one time I bought; blue potatoes, bananas, peaches, eggplant, mango, brussel sprouts, lemons, plums, and avocados all for under $16!  They also offer exotic fruits that supermarkets may not stock, like prickly pears, dragon fruit, rambutan, durian, and persimmon.

If you’re familiar with cold-pressing juice, you understand how many fruits and veggies it takes to make just ONE drink. If I  plan on pressing during the week, I head to YGFM for my produce, where I can buy a lot for very little!


Wondering where to go for your local morning or mid-day grub? Look no further, aside from shopping,  YGFM has delicious food vendors with seating areas, allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal. There’s everything from Falafel and Gyro Pitas to Tacos, Vegan Food, Crepes, Ethiopian, Chicken and Waffles, Chia Bowls, Acai Bowls, Poke Bowls and SUSHI!

Wait.. Sushi at a farmer’s market? YES! Everything FRESH, made to order.

Steve and Lisa of The Pastrami Joint

If it’s your first time going, try and get there early so you can grab a bite to eat, then walk around! Don’t fill up too much on breakfast or lunch though, because there are SAMPLES GALORE from all the vendors!

So far, I’ve enjoyed Barn Bites Chicken and Waffles, The Pastrami Joint’s Brisket Sliders and Matzoh Ball Soup, (Booth #140-#141), Falafel from I don’t even know where, and other tasty bites! There are even stands roasting, smoking, and carving fresh meat before your eyes! There’s a full restaurant outside, with LIVE music and a big breezy patio! So many choices, not enough time! That’s why you’ll go back again and again wanting to try new things!




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I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to a deli and they have pickled green tomatoes on the table, I’m the first one to dive in. There’s something about the tart taste of them that I have a thing for.. that’s why I LOVE Dr. Pickle! Dr. Pickle sells pickled ginger, veggies, tangy olive medleys, and yes, you guessed it, pickles! A container of three firm pickled green tomatoes are about $7.00. I’m not going to lie, I wish they were a tad bit cheaper, but I respect and appreciate the hard work this small business does, that’s why I’m still happy to support! Plus they’re addicting. Another item that got my taste buds attention, were their “Honey Mustard Pickles” and Spicy Tangy Olive Medley. Imagine Spicy Kalamata Olives with pickled peppers and jalapeños in the mix, if that makes your mouth water, then the Spicy Tangy Olive Medley might be for you! Tip: Casually say, “If I buy two containers, can I get a small discount?” – worked for me and saved $2.00!




I’m a repeat customer at Booth #81! Ever bake cookies and nibble on the raw dough to a point where you lose control?  Look no further! Edible Doughs can quell this craving with their EGG-FREE scoops made in multiple flavors! That’s right, now you can eat all the dough you want without getting a tummy ache from raw ingredients! My favorite is the “BIRTHDAY CAKE” dough, containing rainbow sprinkles, white frosting ribbons, and chocolate chips!

The owner usually makes a special flavor each month depending on the season. The last time I was there, I remember she had pumpkin spice! One day I hope they have a Snickerdoodle dough! You can eat your scoop as you walk and shop, or you can have it put in a to-go container, to enjoy it at home in your underwear on the couch.

Blush & Wood

Want to spruce up your perfume collection without A. Spending a fortune or B. Using a well-known brand that many people already have?

Visit Blush & Wood’s booth at Yellow Green, and Michelle will help you find the perfect scent! Not your typical spritz, these scents come as an oil base, really allowing your skin to soak up the scent. You also have the option to get your scents in “travel-sized” roll-on’s! Michelle helped me pick two great scents, “YOGA” & “EXOTIC LEATHER” surprisingly, the result of using them together was beautiful! It was musky, with light citrus feminine notes. Unlike any perfume I’ve smelled before! Of course I received compliment after compliment on smelling SO GOOD!

Some other scents you’ll find; Rosebuds, Patchouli, Frankincense, and some replica’s of well-known perfume brands. They also have a nice selection of soaps! I believe two roll-on perfumes were $15 combined. Better than shelling out over $50 for a single perfume!

Visit Blush & Wood’s website by clicking HERE!

I think that’s just about enough to get you excited about going to The Yellow Green Farmers Market! As I try new booths along the way, I’ll be sure to update my readers on what I enjoyed most! The Market is ONLY OPEN on Saturdays and Sundays BUT has EXTENDED HOURS and DAYS for the Holiday season;

Florida friends, I ask that you please share this! If you have LOVE for the Yellow Green Farmers Market, and want to support these entrepreneur’s, I’m sure they’d appreciate it just as much as I would!

If you’ve visited the YGFM, I’d love to know what YOUR favorite booth is! Feel free to leave a comment so I can show the booth some love next time I visit! I truly thank you for your support!

With Love,

That Bitch!