Having worked in the Private Label Nail Polish Industry for almost a year now, and assisting start up companies in the creation of their own Nail Polish line, there is ONE thing I can tell you about Nail Polish. Okay, I lied,  there are MANY things I can tell you about the production of Polish and how it gets from raw materials, to bottle, to store, to YOU! But one of the main things that you NEED to know is that you are in fact paying too much moola for your “perfect” pigment.

What really sparked my outrage, was seeing High Heel Extraordinaire/Designer, Christian Louboutin, release polish at a whopping $50 a pop! Undoubtedly, the bottle and cap combination alone is pretty but how much polish are you really getting for $50? I’d say a tad over .40 Fluid Ounces which is that of an Essie bottle.

For $50, this polish better have flakes of 24 karat gold throughout it, equipped with a butler named Chives.

As a matter of fact, that polish you shell out $12-$25 for at Sephora, Bloomies, Neimans or Saks, I hate to tell you, really costs under $1.00 to make. It costs the distributor anywhere from $1.25 to $3.25 per unit to purchase it from us (This is just a ballpark and will obviously fluctuate, but you catch my drift) depending on the polish ingredients, bottles/caps chosen and quantity the company obtains. Hello Mark-Up! Yes, these “polish-prenuers” are banking off your hardworking paws.

Private Label Nail Polish Owners tout exactly what modern day customers want to hear.

“Made in the USA! Chip Resistant! ORGANIC! 5-FREE! Not Tested on Animals! VEGAN!”

These modern niche marketing tactics make these companies feel entitled to charge more for their products. In reality, it’s all either being formulated in the same lab or created similarly. A Polish being CHIP RESISTANT? I call B.S. on that one especially if you like to get your hands dirty! Gel polish DOES hold up well, but keep in mind that Gel Polish contains harmful chemicals that are not found in 5-free Formulation like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene,  Camphor, and DBP!

Now, you are probably saying to yourself,

“I spend more money on polish in hopes that the quality is better and that the manicure will last longer.”

TIP: Your at home manicure can last just as long; Be sure to use a coat of Primer and let it dry before you put your color on! It is also recommended that you finish off with a high gloss top coat! The splurge on ORLY is worth it!

So the next time you are browsing the cosmetics aisle in Walgreens looking at “Mint Candy Apple” by Essie or “Cajun Shrimp” from OPI, chances are you can find the same color for a few dollars less! As a matter of fact, the less expensive polish could come from the same lab that creates the lacquer you see in department stores.



I can’t lie though, this Louboutin inspired Mani is off the chain!
Click this photo below to get instructions on how you can do this at home! … and no the $50 ridiculously priced polish is NOT needed to achieve this look!


If anyone has tried this nail polish I am curious to know how you like it! How is the pigmentation? Does it have a good shine and last long?

With Love,

That Bitch!