August has always been a significant month for me because I become another year older and let’s hope another year wiser. I say hope because for the most part, I am usually one of those people that make the same mistake twice and never learn.  Eventually, the lessons start to stick.  To be honest, I’m looking forward to turning twenty-six this month, leaving the odd age of twenty-five behind. Funky as this age may have felt, I’ve learned more than I ever have about myself this past year and I should only be so lucky that I continue to grow and better myself each and every day.

It was last night that I truly felt I needed to implement a certain rule in my life. Something very obvious. Something I wish I had enforced a long time ago. Something we ALL should start practicing..

“Put your phone away-
enjoy the moment you’re in.
Capture ♦ Remember ♦ Savor
With your mind, not your phone.” – Me

The door was about to open in just a moment or two. One of my best friends, Gabby, and her other half Shane, were about to make their entrance into Shane’s very first surprise party. Before they came in, I naturally had my phone in hand on camera mode in hopes of capturing Shane’s reaction. That’s when I looked around the room and saw something I’ve seen time and time again, yet, never thought anything of. More than half of the people there had their phone out waiting to snap Shane’s reaction just like I had planned to do. That’s when it had finally hit me! I happily and voluntarily shut my phone off and slipped it back into my Tory Burch Clutch…

This epiphany reminded me of a video I’ve seen recently that really got my attention. It addressed something  I feel we are all starting to notice happen on a day to day basis and it’s getting worse every year.
•The Technology and Social Media takeover.•
The video states things like,

“You’ll never be world’s greatest dad if you can’t entertain a child without an iPad.”


“Look up from your phone, shut down the display. Take in your surroundings, make the most of today. Just one real connection is all it can take, to show you the difference that being there can make.”

It’s a powerful video that I highly recommend! You can watch it by clicking here. It upsets me that we naturally reach for technology in hopes of keeping our children, even ourselves, entertained. What happened to painting, puzzles, playing in the sand, or shooting hoops at the park with the kids down the block?  Those days are long gone and it’s time to bring them back.
I knew I needed to implement the concept of this video into my life because I too have been THAT  person. I feel like I still am THAT  person! The person that has their eyes glued to the screen, not much less than their hand glued to the phone. The person that brings a phone charger with them wherever they go god forbid the phone dies and they lose contact with the world, just for a moment. It’s not a good way to live and I think we all can agree that most of us are like this, or know someone like this.

When Shane burst through the front door I didn’t want to throw just one arm in the air and shout “Surprise!”, I wanted throw both arms in the air and experience the excitement as it happened. Without a phone in hand, I was able to do just that. Instead of viewing his speechless and surprised reaction through a small screen, I watched him pull my best friend close and give her a Big Hug & Kiss! Instead of checking to see if I got a good photo, or shuffling to put my phone back in my purse, my free arms were able to wrap around Shane for a Birthday Hug!

I beg of you, put your phone away more often. Enjoy the memories and emotions that come with the actual moment mentally instead. I promise, the feeling it brings is worth it. If you’re that adamant about obtaining a photo you may never do anything with, ask the twenty people around you that have their phone out to send you an image or two. After all, don’t you want to BE IN and FEEL the moment, rather than just being there physically?

There ARE exceptions though.
The two F’s; Food and Friends.
Food is an exception because you can snap, then savor…
Especially when it’s fresh lobster, smothered in butter, that was just caught in the Keys by Shane’s Dad.



…Friends are an exception because we love them oh so much.
Love You Girls ♥
Known her for 17 Years and still counting ♥
Bert is BACK in the states and we are all enjoying his company while we can! We are so proud he found his passion working on cruise ships, traveling around Europe! Lucky…


Happy Birthday to Shane…
…The lost Backstreet Boy! Sorry, I just had to.


Oh, and LOVE. Love is an exception.


I wanted to get this post out and about but as you can see, I am having a little trouble with photo/caption alignment in wordpress. If anyone has any comments or tips on fixing this issue it would be much appreciated!

With Love,

That Bitch!